I have taught people at many different education establishments, skill levels, both in formal and informal education settings, from vocational to university levels. I have held full year long courses and short high intensity workshops. The subjects have been mostly related to various aspects of 3D graphics creation, but slightly expanding from that, also game development, VR and projection mapping, the latter on entry level. I have also been a homeroom teacher utilising various tutoring methods, like the study circle. 

During my time as an educator I have helped to create curriculums and of course made countless courses and learning materials, here I will feature a small collection of them. 

During my time in Tartu Art School I gathered a large part of all the materials to a dedicated Youtube channel. 


There were practically no learning materials on the topic of topology in Estonian, so I compiled a document myself. I also started a Wikipedia article on the topic:

Complete courses on Unreal engine and the basics of animations on E-Koolikott. There are instructions for teachers about using and customising the courses and they include video lectures.