Music has had and probably will always have a very special place in my heart, mind and consciousness. In ways it probably contains more than I will ever experience from any of my other ways of perceiving the world. I feel that the auditory universe will remain the final precipice I will never conquer. And that is probably why I have never REALLY tried to conquer it. I have made some tiny futile steps in exploring this vast space and I am always in awe in front of what might be just behind the next bend. Music is the only consistent medium that comforts me in the worst of times and that amplifies me in the best of times. It shows me what I am, what I could be and what I am not. It is the medium that can explore both the realms of concepts and also pure emotions with such ease.

I can always return to music if everything else fails.

Some of my unpolished experiments at producing could be found at SoundCloud.

Attempt at remixing and created sound-reactive visuals to go with it. 

Background music and sound effects for a game with the aim of changing peoples' seafood choices in order to maintain fish populations from being over-exploited. 

Short music clip for science show intro. 

DJ Majavamm

I have done live mixing at multiple events, once as a professional.

Attempts at "spicing it up"